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Paper Pencil Eraser is a self-development book that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is a fun, easy read and yet delivers a serious message. Paper Pencil Eraser is a collection of 15 stories of observations, reflections and projections for what a storybook life can look, feel and taste like.

Author: William Teh
Pages: 160

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Beginning with a piece of paper, this book helps you understand that it can save you more time, effort and money to achieve your goals, objectives or results faster if you work off a better designs.

Consider going out of town to visit your relatives. If you had three choices, would you pick to go there in a minivan, motorcycle or walk? Going alone, you would probably have the most fun and get there the fastest on your motorcycle. But if you were going to take your 83 year old grandma, spouse and five children along, consider the minivan. Walking there may be the healthiest if you have plenty of time.

Pencil represents the process of doing things. It is not likely that we can get everything right the first time around. So if we focus on making the process simpler, it will be easier to figure out what and where things went wrong when things don’t go well. Also in order to get ahead and stay ahead, consider starting earlier than everyone else. Time can either be your friend or your enemy. Generally the better the design, the simpler is the process.

In the end we may never get everything right, but we can begin by getting fewer things wrong. Having a soft eraser handy and close by can us help quickly make changes and improvements to our design or process. The smaller and sooner we make the correction, the less time and effort it’ll take us to make the change.

Paper Pencil Eraser uses simple everyday things we touch to gently illustrate and demonstrate concepts, and everyday activities we do to understand feelings that are either difficult to explain or talk about.

Publisher:  TTTrends Investments
Language: English
ISBN Hardback: 978-0-9600503-1-4
ISBN Softback: 978-0-9600503-0-7
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9600503-2-1
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018914486
Release Date: January 22, 2019

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  1. Andrew

    Amazing book – Countless lessons to learn

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