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Enjoy more success, live with significance, and leave a lasting legacy.

Paper Pencil Eraser is a collection of 15 stories of observations, reflections and projections for what a storybook life can look, feel and taste like.

William teaches us the difference between financial freedom and financial security and if you don’t know the difference, this book is for you.

Kenneth Snyder-Vice President
Sr. Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer. WaterStone Bank, S.S.B.

The author’s stories about his children and his friend Gene are particularly heartwarming. This book should appeal to anyone who seriously wants to keep their life and their family’s lives moving in the right direction.

Jim Symcox
Retired Tony Robbins Coach and Copywriter, Husband and Father

Parents and young professionals will especially resonate with the many insights contained in this book. . . Read this book, and have a pencil, paper and eraser nearby—you will understand why, very quickly.

Jonathan Dade, MBA, MTS
Author of The Church and the Community
Founder and Rabbi of Messiah Echad

A pencil sharpened or not, in full length or half broken, you can still use it to fill that blank sheet of paper with meaningful and beautiful life events. So, go ahead and dare to dream and take an eraser along to make corrections and continuous improvements.

Juli Agustar
Founder and Executive Director
Abacus Brain Gym

“Money you can lose and make back, but time you can only lose.” This is why having a good life plan, with specific goals and a solid design is of utmost importance. . . I have sharpened my pencil and accepted William’s challenge to writ  e my story. Is it time for you to sharpen your pencil and take control of your life’s story?

Ana Wallace
Owner and CEO Austin Spanish Academy

This book is a must read for any investor.  William’s sixth book is another powerful work of observation and reflection.

James Licata
Engineer, Sailor, Investment Advisor Westchester Equity Partners

William is undoubtedly an outstanding and inspiring storyteller. . . He starts with a simple thing that all of us are familiar with, and then he gradually builds deep and meaningful philosophical values out of that simple thing. Who would expect we could learn so much from an ice cream cone?

Mochamad Asri, PhD
Candidate in Electrical and Computer
Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

Being a professional architect, I understand the value of beginning with a good design on paper. . . Packed with logic, science, illustrations and philosophy to make the best sense of how to write your life the way you want to live. This book should be an entitlement.

Clement Teh, Architect

“You cannot find a
sunrise looking west.”

— William Teh

“Money you can lose and make back. But time you can only lose.”

— William Teh

Meet the Author

William Teh is the founder and principal of TTTrends Investments. William’s vision is to live abundantly by investing for financial freedom. His mission is to help you understand believe, and take the right actions to achieve financial freedom.

More Books by William Teh

Make Happy Choices

William Teh’s second offering that explores how readers can become happier. A collection of a dozen simple and overlooked concepts hidden (as he says) in broad daylight. This small book packs in some amazing concepts that are easy to make a part of your life and will make a huge difference. This book will change your life!

Live With Zest

I wrote this book not because I am qualified to write about this topic but because I wished I could have read a book like this when I was younger and had less ZEST for life. Now I am getting a little older, a little greyer, and a lot slower. Traveling on this path I call ‘my life’, I appreciate the  shoulders to lean on when I am weary, and cheer me on when I feel like giving up.

From Scarcity to Abundance

This easy to read book is packed with insight and inspirational stories that can be easily applied to one’s financial and personal life. William has brought to the forefront wisdom and logic that has faded from modern everyday life. The lessons on how to identify, understand and prioritize what is important to the individual can help in creating plans to grow wealth in all aspects of life.

Choose Well Live Better

William Teh’s third book in his series about living life better. An easy to read, colorful keepsake that you will be proud and excited to recommend to others. William’s simple style will have you on the road to a more simple and relationship-rich lifestyle in no time.

13 Ways to Accomplish More by Doing Less

This book is a collection of 13 chapters of simple strategies that I discovered as I labored to pursue a more abundant life for my family and me. I realized that freedom of choice, free time, and my health are my most important assets.

13 formas de lograr mas haciendo menos (Spanish edition)

¡Wow! Este libro está lleno de conocimiento, contenido y una cantidad de sabiduría asombrosa. William ha escrito un libro brillante, discutiendo 13 estrategias que usa para crear más tiempo libre y producir dinero sin mucho esfuerzo.

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